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Technical Appraisal and Monitoring of a Micro-Hydel Programme in Pakistan

The north-west part of Pakistan (KPK) is very rich in hydropower potential, but it also has some remote areas with many villages that do not have access to electricity. In principle, these are areas with considerable degree of poverty. With the objective to alleviate the poverty and to help development of those areas, EUD has decided to grant funds for (among other things) development of a number of MHPs in the villages of 7 districts of the Malakand region.

NGO (Sarhad Rural Support Programme – SRSP) seated in Peshawar contracted the 40-million Euro Programme named PEACE (‘Programme for Economic Advancement and Community Empowerment’). A large part of it, nearly 50% is dealing with the setup and implementation of 240 MHP schemes in the region over a period of four years.

HEIS Expert Mr. Nijaz Lukovac is selected to perform the consulting tasks within the first year of the Programme implementation. The activities are divided in 4 missions of 84 working days in total (ca 70000 €).  The tasks for the Consultant were:

  1. Phase I: Technical appraisal: April 2012
  2. Phase II: Capacity building through staff training, assessment of local equipment manufacturers: June - July 2012
  3. Phase III: Supervision at project inception and set up of monitoring system, conducting additional capacity building event according to the needs: November 2012
  4. Phase IV: Supervision and assessment of project implementation,: May-June 2013

First three phases were successfully done and the Programme took off. In the first phase the proposal was reviewed and improved based on the Consultant’s suggestions. In second Phase, among other things, capacity building of SRSP technical staff was performed by the Consultant in the form of the 7-day training workshop and guidelines for design improvements were given to SRSP. In the third phase, along with the second training course, a monitoring scheme was set by the Consultant. In the remaining fourth phase, the Consultant will perform the first round of monitoring of the MHPs built and designed by May 2013.

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