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Prof. dr Tarik Kupusović
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Lead Researcher
Leader and coordinator of international and national projects
Scientific coordinator of research projects
Professor at Sarajevo University – "Rational and Applied Hydro-Mechanics" and "Hydraulic structures and Untis"
Senior Hydraulic Engineering Expert with more than  35 years of experience. Key qualifications: integrated water management; environmental engineering; management and development policy; hydrodynamic aspects of environmental problems of water resources; use, management and protection of water resources in karst; experimental and numeric modeling of hydraulic structures, open water courses, reservoirs and seas; rational and applicable hydro mechanics; fluid mechanics and hydraulics; hydraulic research and dimensioning of hydraulic structures; hydraulic numercal and physical modelling, hydraulic of deposits and river hydro-engineering.
Dr Dalila Jabučar
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Executive Director
Lead Researcher
Leader of international and national projects
Senior Hydraulic Engineering Expert with more than  25 years of experience. Key qualifications: Flood risk managament, rational and applied hydro-engineering; river training; hydraulic structures; erosion; integrated water management; planning in water sector, legal and institutional aspects of water and environmental protection and management; application of Geographical Infor-mation Systems (GIS) to watershed management; institutional aspects of the organization, operation and management of water utilities.
Dr Selma Čengić
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Executive Director
Lead Researcher
Leader of international and national projects in the fields of hydraulics and water resource management 
Key qualification: Integrated water resources management; Development of Master plans, Feasibility studies and Designs in the areas of water supply and wastewater; Legal and Institutional aspects of management and protection of water and environment;  Institutional aspects of management, organization and operation of public Water Utilities; Institutional aspects in the field of flood protection.
Erna Zildžović
B.A. in Economics
Executive Director
Leader of international and national projects
Lead Researcher in the field of socio-economic, financial, and institutional aspects of projects in water and environmental sector. 
Key qualifications: development of strategic and planning documents for local government units (LGU) and public companies; economic and social development at the local level; analysis of legal, institutional and financial performance of public companies; development of Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Program - FOPIP for public companies; Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of investment projects in the field of water and environment within feasibility studies; asset management; calculation of tariffs for communal services; strengthening the capacity of public companies and local governments in the following areas: efficient management of public services, strategic and operational planning, preparation and implementation of investment infrastructure projects; project cycle management; procurement in accordance with international procedures.
Mr Nijaz Lukovac
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Lead Researcher
Senior Hydraulic Engineering Expert with more than 35 years of working experience. Project management, design, consulting, engineering, modeling, research, monitoring, supervision, field investigations and measurements, capacity building and teaching activities in the fields of Hydraulics, Hydraulic Modeling (numerical and physical), Flood Risk Management, Water Resources Development and Management (WRD, WRM), Hydrology, Hydropower Development including Micro/Mini, Medium and Large scale Hydro projects, River Engineering and Training, Hydraulic Structures, Dam Engineering, Flood Protection, Water Supply, Groundwater engineering (supply and drainage), Leak detection and field measurements, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Engineering Economy, etc.
Over 15 years of international professional experience in Pakistan, Nepal, Montenegro, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Iran, Ethiopia, Iraq and other countries.
Mr Dragana Selmanagić
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Leader of international and national projects
Senior Hydraulic Engineering Expert with 20 years of experience Key qualifications: hydro-dynamic aspect of water resources; hydro-engineering measurements; rational and applied hydro-mechanics; hydraulic analysis, testing and design of hydraulic structures; integrated water management in accordance with the EU Water Directive; new philosophy of quality, quality management systems and environmental management systems (ISO 14000).
Dr Simone Milanolo
B.Sc in Technology
Head of Water Quality Laboratory
Lead researcher
Key qualifications: environmental engineering; wastewater treatment technologies; aerobic and anaerobic treatment of solid wastes; computer modelling; multidisciplinary researches in karst; speleology.
Nijaz Zerem
Senior Technical Assistant
Leading researcher
Fields of work: Hydrological measurements and testing. Analysis of surface and ground water - hydrological statistical analyses. 
Research of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of water in intergranular and karst aquifers, with analysis of hydrodynamic relations and water balance. Artificial recharge of water sources in intergranular medium, using surface and partially treated surface water. Special measurements and research in karst and fractured and cavernous systems, determination of the direction and velocity of ground flows. Water abstraction and water intake structures and their protection from ground water. Water protection, flood control and design of drinking water protection zones. Problems with management and protection of water in environmentally sensitive areas (wetlands).
Problems with protection of environment against contaminated surface and waste water originating from industry and seepage water from industrial waste landfills.

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