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Regional Water Supply System Plava Voda

Plava Voda spring is located in Travnik Municipality in Middle Bosnia Canton. It is currently used to a limited extent for local water supply. The purpose of “Plava Voda Regional Water Supply” project is to extend water exploitation from the Plava Voda spring to serve other three municipalities in the Central Bosnia Canton (Novi Travnik, Vitez and Busovaca), as well as the municipality of Zenica, in the neighbouring Zenica-Doboj Canton. There is a high demand for clean and efficient supply of water in the above mentioned municipalities. Thus, the ultimate aim of the “Plava Voda Regional Water Supply System” project is to satisfy the needs of concerned population by providing reliable long term water supply through joint effort of the involved Municipalities.

This project is being considered for financing by a parallel loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) and Council of Europe Development Bank (“CEB”). The main purpose of these loans would be to finance eligible costs for the construction of the water intake structures at the Plava Voda spring in the Municipality of Travnik, the construction of the main transport pipeline from the spring to Zenica Municipality (approx. 33 km), and facilities to enable connections to the existing water distribution networks in these municipalities. The pipeline would be designed to be able to service other municipalities along its route.

Development of project documents necessary to start construction and establish regional enterprise for management of regional water suplly system is financed by European commission through programme  “Infrastructure Projects Facility in the Western Balkans”. The project is implemented by consulting company WYG International supported by experts from Hydro-Engineering Institute.

The project consist of four basic components:

  1. Development of Hydrological Study that will define minimum spring yield;
  2. Development of conceptual and main design;
  3. Development of environmental and socio-economic study for the need of loan giving institutions and environmental ministry in the framework of environmental permitting procedure;
  4. Tendering procedure for work contractor and purchase of construction material.

Study of Spring Protection is also developed for the need of this project.


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