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Welcome to the web site of The Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo.

We are Sarajevo-based, independent, market oriented, consulting, designing, scientific, and research institute.

Our greatest assets are our employees and their knowledge. The Institute employs about 60 people, of which more than 40 are researchers and designers - experts in different fields, in order to be able to respond to the present-day market challenges and offer multidisciplinary approach to projects in the fields of water and environment.

The Institute has independent, market oriented Laboratory for Water Quality Research as well as Team for Detection and Measurement of Water Losses in water supply systems.

In business and education for more than 50 years, the Institute has earned a reputation for technical expertise, responsive service, and reliability as a partner.


Training for the effective management of protected areas
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Development of Flood and Landslide Risk Assessment for Housing Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Completion of the project „Development of the Waste Management Plan for the Novo Sarajevo Municipality“
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